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Industrial valves

According to function, type and materials
Shut-off valves
Shut-off valves of stainless steels
Ball valves
Ball valves of stainless steels
Tapered plug valves, cylindrical plug valves, diaphragm shut-off valves
Pinch valves
Check valves
Check valves, lift type, of steels
Check valves, lift type, of alloys of nickel, titanium, tantalite
Regulators and control valves
Pressure regulators
Flow volume regulators
Temperature regulators
Liquid level regulators
Control valves operated by electric motor
Electromagnetically operated control valves
Safety valves - pressure, temperature, level limit
Spring loaded safety valves of steels
Bursting disc devices
Traps and separators
Thermic steam traps
Thermodynamic steam traps
Drain and vent valves
Dirt traps, strainers
Monitoring devices and gauge valves
Water level indicators
Liquid level indicators
Solenoid valves
Sampling valves
Sight glasses
Pipe saddle clips and tapping valves, expansion joints, connecting devices
Hose couplings
Pipe screw joints
Hose clamps
Flexible metal tubings
Electric multi-turn actuators
Micro valves
Metering valves
Diaphragm valves
Magnetic valves
According to special fields of application
Valves and fittings for containers and tanks
Bottom outlet valves
Bursting discs
Liquid level indicators
Valves for pharmaceutics and cosmetics
Shut-off valves
Ball and plug valves
Check valves
Flow controllers
Pressure regulators
Water level indicators
Bursting discs
Safety valves
Steam traps