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Industrial valves

According to function, type and materials
Regulators and control valves
Pressure regulators
Liquid level regulators
Safety valves - pressure, temperature, level limit
Spring loaded safety valves of non ferrous metal alloys
Diaphragm safety valves
Relief valves
Traps and separators
Dirt traps, strainers
According to special fields of application
Water extraction and distribution; sewage water
Valves for barrages and large water supply systems
Control valves (pressure reducing or pressure sustaining or flow control valves)
Water treatment plants
Control valves (pressure control, flow control)
Pipelines for gas, crude oil and distillation products of crude oil
Safety valves
Oil industries (refineries)
Pressure regulators
Safety valves
Marine and offshore industries
Regulating and control valves
Safety valves
Dirt traps, filters
Pulp and paper industries
Pressure regulators
Beverage and food industries
Safety valves
Valves and fittings for containers and tanks
Safety valves
Valves for other industrial applications
Valves and fittings for slurries
Valves and fittings for compressed air
Valves and fittings for equipment in car wash plants
Valves and fittings for applications in the mining industry
Valves for pharmaceutics and cosmetics
Pressure regulators
Chemical industries
Pressure regulators
Safety valves

Building Valves

Valves for water supply in buildings
Safety valves for pressure water-heaters
Safety valves
Safety group
Control valves for drinking water installation
Pressure reducing valves
Valves and regulation equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation appliances
Control valves
Relief valves
Pressure reducing valves
Safety valves
Safety relief valves
Dirt and steam filters
Dirt filter
Valves and fittings for agricultural and similar appliances
Valves and fittings for sprinkling facilities
Valves and fittings for cattle watering units and stable cleaning installations