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Industrial valves

According to function, type and materials
Shut-off valves
Shut-off valves of cast iron
Shut-off valves of stainless steels
Shut-off valves of copper alloys
Shut-off valves of aluminium alloys
Shut-off valves of plastic
Ball valves
Ball valves of cast iron
Ball valves of non alloy steels
Ball valves of stainless steels
Ball valves of copper alloys
Check valves
Check valves, lift type, of steels
Check valves, lift type, of copper alloys
Monitoring devices and gauge valves
Solenoid valves
Solenoid valves
Coaxial valves
Slanted seat valves
Shuttle valves
According to special fields of application
Water extraction and distribution; sewage water
Sewage water
Globe valves
Oil industries (refineries)
Shut-off valves
Gas distribution
Butterfly valves, shut-off valves
District heating supply
Shut-off valves
Steam generating plants
Shut-off valves
Primary circuits of nuclear power plants and other nuclear industries
Shut-off valves
Marine and offshore industries
Shut-off valves
Check valves, lift type
Refrigeration plants and heat pumps
Shut-off valves
Two-way valves
Cryogenic applications
Shut-off valves
Pulp and paper industries
Shut-off valves
Valves for other industrial applications
Valves and fittings for slurries
Valves and fittings for high pressure engineering
Valves and fittings for oxygen installations
Valves and fittings for motor vehicles and internal combustion engines
Valves and fittings for oil and grease lubricating
Valves and fittings for equipment in car wash plants
Valves for pharmaceutics and cosmetics
Shut-off valves
Chemical industries
Shut-off valves
Power plants
Shut-off valves
Check valves, lift type

Building Valves

Valves and regulation equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation appliances
Shut-off valves
Shut-off valves
Ball valves
Back flow preventer
Check valves (lift type)
Check valves (swing type)
Dirt and steam filters
Dirt filter
Valves and fittings for laboratories and medical appliances
Multi-media combinations
Valves and fittings for medical instruments and equipment
Pure gas valves
Valves and fittings for agricultural and similar appliances
Valves and fittings for sprinkling facilities
Valves and fittings for cattle watering units and stable cleaning installations
Valves for other appliances
Valves for sprinkler installations
Valves for fountains
Valves for swimming pools and saunas
Valves for rain water utilisation