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Building Valves

Valves for water supply in buildings
Safety valves for drinking water protection
Check valves
Combined stop and safety valves
Safety valves for pressure water-heaters
Safety valves
Safety group
Control valves for drinking water installation
Temperature control
Pressure reducing valves
Flow rate control
Valves and regulation equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation appliances
Radiator valves for single-pipe systems
Lock shield valves
Air vents
Thermostatic radiator valves
Shut-off valves
Shut-off valves
Ball valves
Valves for branches
Manual balancing valves
Double regulating and commissioning valves
Differential pressure and flow control regulators (automatically operated)
Back flow preventer
Check valves (lift type)
Control valves
Valves with electrical actuator
Flow controller
Relief valves
Pressure reducing valves
Safety valves
Boiler safety combination
Safety relief valves
Safety valves
Self acting temperature limiter
Drain-/vent valves
Vent valves
Filling valves
Dirt and steam filters
Dirt filter
Radiator valves for two-pipe systems
Lock shield valves
Vent valves
Thermostatic radiator valves
Valves for panel and underfloor heating systems
Valves with defined resistance
Valves for panel heating systems