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Industrial valves

According to function, type and materials
Regulators and control valves
Control valves operated by electric motor
Safety valves - pressure, temperature, level limit
Pressure limiting valves
Monitoring devices and gauge valves
Solenoid valves
Micro valves
Metering valves
Diaphragm valves
Magnetic valves
Tank bottom valves
Diaphragm valves
Solenoid valves
Angle valves
According to special fields of application
Beverage and food industries
Seat valves
Diaphragm valves
Valves and fittings for buffets
Valves, cocks and fittings for coffee, tea and similar machines
Valves and fittings for large scale kitchens
Valves for other industrial applications
Valves and fittings for biotechnological applications
Valves and fittings for medical equipment
Valves for pharmaceutics and cosmetics
Seat valves
Diaphragm valves

Building Valves

Sanitary valves
Valve spare-parts and accessories
Solenoid valves for flushing fittings
Solenoid valves for sanitary draw-off taps
Valves and regulation equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation appliances
Valves for branches
Differential pressure and flow control regulators (automatically operated)
Dirt and steam filters
Dirt filter
Valves and fittings for laboratories and medical appliances
Valves and fittings for medical instruments and equipment