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Industrial valves

According to function, type and materials
Butterfly valves
Butterfly valves of cast iron
Lined butterfly valves
Regulators and control valves
Flow volume regulators
Control valves operated by electric motor
Electromagnetically operated control valves
Electrohydraulically operated control valves
Safety valves - pressure, temperature, level limit
Quick acting stop valves
Electric multi-turn actuators
Electric linear actuators
Electrohydraulic actuators
Multi port valves
Solenoid valves
According to special fields of application
Water extraction and distribution; sewage water
Water treatment plants
Control valves (pressure control, flow control)
Gas distribution
Butterfly valves, shut-off valves
Safety valves
Safety shut-off valves
District heating supply
Butterfly valves
Safety shut-off valves
Temperature limit valves
Steam generating plants
Control valves
Marine and offshore industries
Regulating and control valves
Refrigeration plants and heat pumps
Quick-acting stop valves
Regulating and control valves
Valves for other industrial applications
Valves and fittings for hot gas
Valves for pharmaceutics and cosmetics
Control valves
Control valves
Chemical industries
Control valves
Power plants
Butterfly valves
Control valves

Building Valves

Valves and regulation equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation appliances
Shut-off valves
Butterfly valves
Valves for branches
Differential pressure and flow control regulators (automatically operated)
Control valves
Valves with electrical actuator
Flow controller
Relief valves
Safety valves
Safety valves
Valve spare-parts and accessories
Radiator valves for two-pipe systems
Lock shield valves
Manual handled valves
Thermostatic heads
Thermostatic radiator valves
Valves for panel and underfloor heating systems
Valves with defined resistance
Valves for panel heating systems
Valves for domestic gas installations and for gas appliances
Controls for gas appliances