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Industrial valves

According to function, type and materials
Gate valves
Gate valves of copper alloys
Shut-off valves
Shut-off valves of copper alloys
Ball valves
Ball valves of stainless steels
Ball valves of copper alloys
Check valves
Check valves, lift type, of copper alloys
Diaphragm check valves
Monitoring devices and gauge valves
Sampling valves
Pipe saddle clips and tapping valves, expansion joints, connecting devices
Pipe saddle clips and tapping valves of cast iron and steels
Pipe saddle clips and tapping valves of non ferrous metals
Pipe saddle clips and tapping valves of non metallic materials
Pipe screw joints
Flexible metal tubings
Slanted seat valves
Angle valves
According to special fields of application
Water extraction and distribution; sewage water
Valves for barrages and large water supply systems
Ball valves
Check valves
Municipal water distribution (drinking water)
Gate valves
Globe valves
Ball and plug valves
Underground hydrants
Tapping valves and accessories
Diaphragm check valves
Sewage water
Globe valves
Gas distribution
Ball valves
Tapping valves and accessories

Building Valves

Valves for water supply in buildings
Stop valves for drinking water installation
Gate valves
Straight seated valves
Inclined seated valves
Ball cocks
Angle valves
Safety valves for drinking water protection
Check valves
Special fittings for drinking water installation
Conventional fittings
Pipe saddle clips and tapping valves
Valve parts and accessories
Valves and fittings for agricultural and similar appliances
Valves and fittings for gardening purposes